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"Coming to America was never the plan..."

"...swore to always be fair and honest"

"...we know that those on our team are like GMW, Unmatched!"

"We entered SBA's 8(a) Federal Program... two new Divisions"

"We aren't looking at minimum wage..."

Gregory Webster
(Jamaican accent implied..) 
"Mi jus wan a wok fi fiid mi fambli wid no worriz Mon"

 GMW was founded by Gregory in 2016 while in Teaneck NJ. However, his grass roots of industriusness started

long ago as a child growing up in Jamaica. Greg knew how to work. He watched his mother struggle to

care for others so she could provide for him. He never wanted her to work so hard. Greg would grow

fruits and vegetables and sell them to fund his primary schooling. As a young adult Greg studied

Carpentry and learned to make beautiful furniture which he sold to the high-end home owners in

Kingston Jamaica and graduated high school. Within 2 years Greg had enough furniture orders to

support his mother and start a lucrative business. "Tings was gud Mon"

Love brought Gregory over seas. Coming to America was never the plan, but it is where he ended up.

Leaving a thriving business behind was not easy. Once here he started working with various

Construction Firms and growing in knowledge of other trades. Greg learned early that he needed to

find out what it takes to be an independent business owner who maintained respect for his workers

and find ways to empower others as well.

 After working with some Contractors and being financialy taken advantage of, Greg swore to always be fair

and honest. In the  meantime he worked hard, maintained patience and kept learning. He cleaned offices and

cleaned homes. He tiled floors, learned masonry and build retaining walls, learned how to lay concrete and rebar

foundations. He learned how to read 50,000+ SF blueprints. It wasn't much longer before Greg sought certifications

in fields that he knew would help him grow. Now licensed and certified in Carpentry, Tiling, Painting, Masonry,

LEAD & Asbestos Abatement. Also, certified as a DBE through Pennsylvania state. 

 Residential & Commercial work has helped Gregory to become a much stronger Contractor. Dealing directly with the people and keeping them happy is what keeps GMW happy. We have developed a standard of Safety, Quality & Continuity across the board. Every employee and every Subcontractor we higher must meet a rigorous background check. We check your criminal history and your certifications. 

We don't stop there... We check all your references of past employers and past clients. In this way we know that those on our team are like GMW, Unmatched! 


 GMW has now become a Federally certified Contractor. We entered SBA's 8(a) Federal Program in July of 2022. In addition to new beginings, we have now opened two new Divisions- Janitorial Cleaning 2019 & Highway CADD 2022. These new Divisions have boosted GMW well past our goal for 2022. And we are now projected to tripple our sales in the years to come. With this growth comes the need for new faces across all divisions.



 We are now doing a massive hiring of unemployed, low income and re-entry individuals within our very own community. With the highest standards in competive compensation. We aren't looking at minimum wage, we're looking at You as an individual and what you can do to offer the best of your skills and abilities. Therefore, providing the best to our clients. We are hoping to spot candidates just like Gregory, with a dream, a plan and those willing to make a transformation to soon become business owners themselves. 


Our Misstion: Helping you Dream... Plan... and Transform... into whatever you want! Simple as that

Our Aim: We offer Safety as a standard to ourselves and those we work for. We Provide Quality Services. Continuity is what we maintain across every job no matter the size.


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