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     Across all of our divisions, our mission has been consistent: Safety, quality & ContinuityWe didn't need a pandemic to hit to start revamping an already good process. However, we have closely monitored the requirements from OSHA to stay up to date with any new changes. In this way we have been able to see just how well our proprietary methods on safety, all though above board, were more than on point. 

    as our continuous pledge to saftey as our #1 goal: 

GMw will limit close contact with others by maintaining a safe social distancing space. We will Limit the number of employees in small work areas and always wear n-95 masks or better at all times. WE wash our hands before entering your space and immediately after we leave.

    gmw stands commmitted to follow all cdc and osha regualtions and guidlines surrounding  this pandemic without question. This could mean that services times could be delayed or rescheduled for clients and employees that fall ill. you may receive screening questions regarding your health to determine best practices. gmw will make arrangements to keep everyone safe at all times. 

Stay informed click here to see the Osha standards for all construction companies .

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