Welcome to GMW’s Claim Unit


At GMW Construction we take the Quality of our work very seriously!

If you have received work from one of our staff members and you feel it was anything less than Quality, please take the time to tell us about it using our web form.


All claims are acknowledged and scheduled within 24-48 hours of receiving your claim.

We will schedule an inspector based on the emergency nature of the claim, and availability of an inspector. A full inspection will be conducted with pictures and videos of the area for validation.


After the inspector has validated the claim. Work will start immediately to correct the issue.

Most claims are handled on the spot during the first visit. If an inspector should have to return depending on the nature of the claim it may still be completed within that day. However, if items need to be ordered you will be rescheduled once the item is in our facility.


Once all work has been completed, pictures and videos are taken of the item(s) or issue(s).

This will all be emailed, mailed or relayed to you on a recorded line to close out the claim and complete the process.  

To process claims you will need to follow this procedure for proper reporting. Any other method used to process a claim will not be answered.


All of the methods for processing claims are provided here for your convenience.

Web Claim Formm,  Email us at  gmw.claimsunit@outlook.com or Call us at 724-CLAIM-09.


We look forward to improving or Quality Assurance with all of our customers, please allow us to continue by telling us your Personal Experience by clicking HERE.

Please use this button to download a copy of the claim form: