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We are very proud of our new Janitorial Division!

  So here we are moving along well in the Construction Industry.

   After jobs had completed we sent our construction janitorial team in to       do a detailed clean up. Or modo became,

       "Leave It Cleaner Than We Found It" It was a winner! We were                     being called as referrals to Homes and Business that prompted a             very important need.

        The Pandemic has been so unfortunate for so many. However,                   Even with the advent of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our methods                  have not changed. We offer an evironmentally green clean that has literally set the standard across both Construction Cleaning as well as the Janitorial Industry. We focus on a world class cleaning service with exceptional customer satisfaction. With regard to our supplies, all of GMWs’ products are safe for the environment and safe for the people in the environment. We can clean your space without endangering you, your pets, or the planet. Over the past 2 years GMW has focused and invested heavily in the development of proprietary processes in cleaning, technology, and the training of our personnel in the use of all of our green clean products.


As a result we have established a reputation for offering industry leading value and unmatched service quality, in an incredibly cost effective manner. From our start, GMW has distinguished itself as a contractor of choice. Staying true to our vision of Safety, Quality & Continuity we offer each customer safe cleaning products used in a manner that benefits us all, and we keep our already high standard proprietary methodolgy contniuous. In this way you know you are getting the same great service every time we are there.

                           The key to our success so far is its team of industry                                   experts, We continuously target the best in the                                           industry and invests heavily in their training

                           and development. The expertise offered to

                           its customers is unlike any other company

in the industry, and it shows. We are servicing thousands

of square feet per day, operating in both public and private


We now have equipment and teams that detect and eliminate contaminants within your environment to manage and maintain your facilities and overall quality of life. Trust us to keep your space clean on a regular basis. You will find that the quality of life has drastically improved—your business will get a facelift, and you’ll find that you can breathe better than you have in years.

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